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It is no secret that public schools are struggling to maintain their academic integrity as Sacramento continues to cut funds for school districts statewide. Our district begins this month a series of conversations, study sessions, public meetings and negotiations with our bargaining units to cut $3 million from our 2010-11 budget. After two successive years of reductions and program losses, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find areas away from our core that resolves the problem.

In spite of these massive cuts, our district continues to outperform every other elementary school district in the county and ranks number 2 or 3 among all school districts. The Orange County Register ranked Oka Elementary as the top performing elementary school in the county for their success in closing the achievement gap. Yet, how long can we continue at this pace faced with a continued loss of revenue that funds our instructional program?

We are asking that our parent and community at large join our road to recovery. First and foremost, please consider coming to one of the upcoming community budget sessions scheduled for March 23 and April 14 at the district office beginning at 6:30 p.m. Secondly, please ask your principal for a sample letter that was prepared by members of our Action Committee for Education and write a similar note to our two state legislative representatives, Assemblyman Van Tran and State Senator Tom Harmon, asking for their support in stopping these incredible funding cuts and begin again to invest in public education and the future of our children. Lastly, please join our Fountain Valley Educational Foundation and make contact with my office if you know of friends and neighbors who we might contact to request that they become a corporate sponsor for the purpose of saving critical programs such as music, the arts, reading intervention and our Beckman Hands On Science program.

A generation ago this state had the finest public education program in the world. From kindergarten through the UC system, we attracted future Californians from around the nation and the globe. Today, after a generation of neglect and now faced with an historic fiscal crisis, funding for our public schools has dropped to nearly the bottom of the nation. We need to look elsewhere especially for our engineers, scientists, technicians and mathematicians. With your help and support we can turn around this trend and begin the climb back to the top.

-Marc Ecker, Ph.D., FVSD Superintendent

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