School News October, 2012

School News Article October, 2012

Our Students, Our Future, Our Concern!

Fountain Valley Elementary School District performed well academically, once again. How do we keep it going with all of the repeated budgets cuts? Unfortunately, we are forced to find the funding other places. Teachers are applying for grants, parents support their teachers, and the Fountain Valley Educational Foundation steps in and helps support programs like Science, Music, Art and Technology, among others. But even for non-profits like us, the times are getting harder to fundraise for these programs. But we cannot give up, for this is our future we are talking about! Our students, our community, our concern.

So we at FVEF keep working to raise the money required to provide our students with these programs. They need hands-on science to succeed in a medical or research education. When we allow them to learn an instrument, sing in a choir or be a part of a marching band, we give them stepping stones to future success. We give them access to technology, we help prepare them for tomorrow. How can you help? Any donation to the FVEF will go directly to supporting these programs. Any donation, big or small can make a difference. Can we count on your support? To donate please go to or contact me anytime at 714-235-3523 or Thank you for your support!

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